Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic Novel

A self published graphic novel by Walter Ostlie.  The book has a full color cover and contains 92 gray scale pages including extras.  It is a humorous, sci-fi adventure.  For a sample, please check Comic Sample.

The Story

Wally and Ost are just average office workers...IN THE FUTURE!  Office life hasn't changed much in few thousand years.  Sure there are all kinds of futuristic thing-a-ma-bobs like rebelling A.I. office equipment, aliens, and teleporters that clone.  But one thing that will never change is that you are waiting for the day to end and getting into trouble trying to make the day go by as quick as possible.

Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic novel takes Wally and Ost out of the office and into the largest space adventure of their volume 1 lives.  Follow the duo as they take on angry aliens, plundering pirates, and slimy space squid.  Will they save their company?  Will they get the girl?  Will they get a raise?

The concept of the book is a TV show being adapted into a movie.  I am taking a weekly web strip and making a graphic novel.  So am taking everything about Cubicles and blowing it up to outrageous and epic proportions.

The Creator

Cubicles was created by me, Walter Ostlie, and is based in part around my life.  I make a living working in an office.  Wally and Ost are parts of my split personalities.  Ost is what I look like on the outside and how I would like to act sometimes.  Wally is more how I see myself on the inside.  Cubicles: The Movie...The Graphic novel is my first large scale project.

How It All Began

Cubicles started as practice.  I am not a trained artist and I only recently began to work with comics.  So I needed a way to hone my skills.  Cubicles went through a couple of different incarnations, finally finding its home as a weekly web strip.  Realizing there was a bigger story to tell and that I needed something more impressive to show for my portfolio, I decided to make Cubicles into a graphic novel.

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